Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which is the application of the principles of electricity to develop machines, devices and systems, has significantly affected the quality of life. Its study continues to be an exciting proposition. The department houses various laboratories which aids the students in completing their requirements as per the Anna University Syllabus.

The members of the faculty are encouraged to acquire higher qualifications at the Post-graduate level and Doctorate level. They are deputed to participate in seminars, symposia, workshops etc., to keep abreast of the vast changes and developments in Science and Technology.


Program Educational Objectives

In support of the objectives of the College of Engineering, the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering majors will prepare our students to be proficient at putting theory into practice, capable of lifelong learning, and be aware of the social, ethical, and environmental issues associated with their professional activities.

To ensure these goals, our specific expected accomplishments of our graduates during the first several years following graduation for the major are:

  1. To be successful analyzing, designing, or testing electrical systems.
  2. To be a productive member of a team.
  3. To be assuming leadership roles in their career.
  4. To be contributing in professional and civic service.
  5. To be pursuing lifelong learning.